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Take It To The A.L.T.A.R.

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There is always an observer within you…the YOU that stands lovingly, knowingly still as the ego plays out its dramas, manipulations, addictions, obsessions…watching and waiting for you to come home. You know the YOU I’m speaking of, I know you do! This YOU never leaves you, will never leave you, because this IS you…your Truest, most authentic, Divine Self, waiting with open arms!

I believe there is an aspect of Self that is all-knowing and all-loving, that remembers who we are and why we’re here. An aspect within each of us that is actually of higher consciousness, but not the part of our consciousness we live from primarily, or at least not the aspect of Self we’ve learned to trust and allow to guide us. As humans, we live from mere survival instincts…physically, emotionally, and even spiritually…rather than from the guidance of our higher Self. For instance, you know that sense you have when something is, or isn’t, right? Or when you feel drawn to something or someone and you don’t know why? You may feel a strong nudge to go a certain direction and then immediately cancel it out with the part of your brain that has the “plan” already figured out. Those urgings and sensations we get are our higher consciousness attempting to wake us up or direct us back into alignment with our True path. Oh, we all have free will, which is why we often take the long route! We like to be “free” to choose, not realizing that we’re equally free to choose to listen to that internal guidance, even without a clue where we’re going! Ahh, now THAT is true freedom!

Listening and trusting from within, learning to recognize the sound of our higher voice, the sensations we feel, and the pictures it presents, will take us to our highest calling, if we let it. It will direct us to those places and people and experiences we long for, if we’re willing to risk the safety of our ego constraints and unfold in our authenticity. Most of us aren’t accustomed to letting go on this level, but with practice and a strong desire to live from the inside OUT, we can get there. We can ALL get there! Can you imagine if the whole world were living authentically? True peace would be restored, wounds would be healed, and the planet would thrive!

A great way to begin to quiet your ego voice and listen to your higher Self, is what I like to call, “Take it to the A.L.T.A.R”, which stands for Ask, Listen, Trust, Act, Repeat. Try it! Next time you have a decision to make, close your eyes and ASK for the correct choice. LISTEN for the first answer that comes in. TRUST it. ACT on it, and then REPEAT as needed. Watch what happens!

The observer within you IS you…watching, loving, and waiting for you to step into your fullest, most ALIVE life. This aspect of Self will continue to offer you the means to grow, to deepen, to become who you truly are, but it will be up to your human to risk it and choose to use ALL of your experiences as they are intended…for your highest, most Divine intention. You may not know what that is yet, but you’re closer than you think!

When you’re ready to go home…open arms await!


“The Truth of a thing does not necessarily change the reality of it!” — Kate Bares-Cochrun

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