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What Is Soul Realignment?

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Through my life’s work as an intuitive healer and guide, I have created and offered Soul Integration Therapy as a means of transformation and soul awakening for over 20 years. The intent of Soul Integration Therapy is to help each of us live more fully as the Divine beings we are; our human-Self and Soul-Self integrated as one being. By incorporating various healing modalities, I am able to guide and support clients in identifying and healing negative beliefs, false paradigms, and unhealthy patterns that may be preventing them from living as the Divine Souls they truly are.

Akashic Record readings are one of the most profound (and one of my favorite) ways we can access the Truth of the Soul. They are the energetic “database” that stores all information about the Soul, back to the moment of its origination from Divine Source. Through accessing the Records, we are able to receive all the information we could ever wish for about the Divine nature of the Soul, our Soul Purpose, our Divine Gifts, and our path of spiritual evolution.

This past year, I deepened my Akashic Record readings through the Soul Realignment® Advanced Practitioner Training offered by Andrrea Hess, which I found to be in perfect alignment with my Soul Integration practice!

What’s different about Soul Realignment® is that it goes beyond just reading the Akashic Records and offers comprehensive insight into the root causes behind the persistent negative patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that plague so many people. By examining negative blocks and restrictions that may be affecting us at Soul-level, we can gain real and meaningful explanations for many of our present-life experiences.

Simply put, Soul Realignment® is about truly LIVING our Soul’s identity in very real, practical ways so that we may integrate who we are as Divine Beings into our human experience! It is about experiencing our true Self at the level of our every day life as the spiritual Beings we are, harnessing the power of our intuitive manifesting abilities as we create the life we want, based on our Divine Gifts and who we are at Soul-level. (aka: Soul Integration!)

As a Soul Realignment® Advanced Practitioner, my clients are now able to experience this very real and powerful approach to life as a CHOICE on even deeper levels, accessing their Divine Gifts and Truth through information revealed and cleared in their Akashic Records.

I’m excited to have this new level of healing and integration to offer to my clients and it is my JOY to now offer it to you !


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