The Center for Well Being of Austin
The Center for Well Being of Austin
"The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware; 
joyously, drunkenly, serenely, Divinely AWARE!" —Henry Miller  
Soul Integration is the difference between knowing your Truth and LIVING it! The fact that you're reading this is a very good indicator that you know there's more to life and you're ready to live it! Perhaps you feel unsettled, or that something's missing, or maybe you feel drawn, pulled, or nudged, but you have no idea why or toward what? YES! That is your Soul...your True Self, beckoning you to awaken! And you will, because authenticity is the most natural, organic state in which we exist and at your very core, you already know. Integration, however, is the key to living it.

Through this extraordinary journey of Self-discovery and renewal, clients will create a personalized blue-print of conscious, deliberate intentions and actions, allowing them the opportunity to re-unite with the deepest aspect of Self, reclaiming their Truth, re-establishing balance, and restoring integrity on every level. If you are ready to live fully awake, alive and present in your life…welcome to the Soul Integration journey!

Private sessions are available Monday–Friday, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm, in person, phone or Skype, for individuals and couples who desire to live a full, joyful, and integrated life!
1 session/$95.00, 4 sessions/$360, 6 sessions/$510, 8 sessions/$640 and 10 sessions/$750

Other Healing Modalities offered through Soul Integration Therapy™ individual sessions include Soul Realignment® /Akashic Records, Time Line Therapy™, Past Life Regression, NLP Processes and various meditation practices:

Soul Realignment® / Akashic Records
The Akashic Record is the recording of the Soul's journey since inception, as well as, the possibilities of its unfoldment in the future. The Records are opened with a sacred prayer, with your permission only, to access your Soul's information. In an Akashic Record reading we work with your questions, receiving information on past, current, or future life circumstances and any area you would like greater clarity. The information is delivered with love and honor, and all perceptions, insights and guidance you receive from the experience will support you in your life.

In Soul Realignment® sessions, we dive more deeply into working with your unique team of Spirit Guides, gaining insight into specific life lessons, situations, relationships, purpose, life path and MORE, clearing any blocks and restrictions that may be preventing you from living in alignment with your Truth. This powerful process can be continued with Spirit Guide Coaching, where we check in weekly or biweekly for ongoing information, support and guidance from your team.

Time Line Therapy™
Time Line Therapy™ techniques allow freedom from undesired negative emotions; such as fear, anger, sadness and anxiety, including PTSD, by releasing these emotions from the memories that harvest them. You are then able to respond freely to future situations – without the emotional baggage of the past.

Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing your past lives directly. Through hypnotherapy, clients are able to recover past life memories that help them understand the story of their Soul's journey and their purpose here on Earth. Sessions are conducted in a safe, sacred environment with processing, interpretation, and integration of events after.

Meditation Practices
Also available are various forms of meditation practices that can be customized for your own unique pathway "in" to assist and guide you in your healing journey and spiritual Integration.

Drumming Circles
HealthRHYTHMS® leverages group empowerment drumming as a life enhancement tool. It not only inspires successful living, but offers exceptional support and personal expression by giving people permission to play! HealthRHYTHMS® has been scientifically shown to boost the immune system, improve mood and reduce stress and burnout, as well as, empower people to move beyond their perceived limits, bring to surface what is difficult to express in words alone, draw people together, and enhance communication and morale. Participating in HealthRHYTHMS® Group Empowerment Drumming provides an extraordinary opportunity to discover your personal rhythm and enhance the overall quality of your life.

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