Kate Bares-CochrunFounded by Kate Bares-Cochrun (formerly Kate Bares-Johnson) in 1997, The Center for Well Being of Austin supports individuals and couples on the journey to finding and living the Truth of their Soul! Be it through private guidance, on-going classes, or full weekend retreats, Soul Integration Therapy™ offers abundant possibilities for healing and integration on every level.

Through her life's work as an intuitive healer and guide, Kate has created and practiced Soul Integration Therapy™ as a means of healing transformation and soul awakening for over 20 years. Now, as a Soul Realignment™ Advanced Practitioner, her clients are able to experience this very real and powerful approach to life as a CHOICE on even deeper levels, accessing their Divine Gifts and Truth through information revealed and cleared in their Akashic Records. Through this sacred process, Kate continues to serve as a "spiritual midwife" to many on the path to finding and LIVING the Truth of their Soul!

Private sessions are offered on site at The Center for Well Being in Austin, Texas, or remotely by phone and Skype. Weekend retreat intensives are held locally, in the Austin area and are also available by request at your location.

"If you build it, she will come." Make the arrangements, gather the people and Kate will bring her work to you! She will also customize a workshop or retreat for your group or community.


Whether we have it all or we have nothing, we always have a choice. That simple truth changes everything!" — Kate Bares-Cochrun

  The Center for Well Being of Austin, LLC
Phone: (512) 249-5683
Email: kate@thecenterforwellbeing.com

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